Cedar Shakes Roofing Contractor in Naperville Illinois – Cedar Shingles Roofing Naperville


For the best Cedar Shakes roofing contractor in Naperville Illinois Owen Enterprises Inc.  is the top choice.  We provide an award winning service at a reasonable price.  We have been installing cedar shakes to homes in Naperville for over 30 years.  Cedar Shingles are another great product that we offer.   Check out our client reviews to see what say about our cedar shake and cedar shingles roofing systems.  You will find we are a top rated Cedar Shingle roofing installer in Naperville Illinois.

Why the People of Naperville Choose Cedar Shakes or Cedar Shingles

There are a lot of advantages to installing Cedar Shakes or Cedar Shingles.  One of the reasons they choose Owen Enterprises as their roofing installer is that we offer a 50 year warranty! Not only that, but we also have a 50 year warranty against growth!  Shakes are available in many different styles which allow for a convenient custom tailored look.  There are Handsplit Cedar Shakes and Tapersawn Cedar Shakes.  The Handsplit Shakes are a maximum of 20 percent flat grain and 80 percent edge grain or a premium grade which must be 100 percent edge grain.  The Tapersawn Shakes are sawn on each side of the shake and just like the Handsplit they are graded equally. Tapersawn Shakes do offer a thicker shadow line than a shingle would. Cedar Shingles create a 3-ply roof system by reducing the exposure. They are top grade shingles that are 100% heartwood, and 100% edge grain. They are available in three lengths of 16, 18, and 24 inches. With each length the exposure to weather varies.

How to get the best Cedar Shake Installer in Naperville – How to get the best Cedar Shingles in Naperville

Owen Enterprises Inc. offers first step in choosing the #1 rated roofing contractor in Naperville.  We take pride in every job we do and offer outstanding service you can afford.    We are a local company that has been providing our clients in Naperville the best Cedar Shakes and Shingles in Naperville Call us now at 630-620-7100 for a FREE ESTIMATE or you can fill out the form on this page and have one of our reps call you!  Either way you will be happy you choose Owen Enterprises Inc. for your Cedar Shakes or Cedar Shingle roofing needs in Naperville.