Choosing what material to cover the outside of your home will go a long way in determining how it looks and the cost of maintaining it. Though cost is one of the factors to consider when choosing a siding material, you should not base your choice entirely on it, rather, consider other factors such as the architectural design of your home and your location. The good thing is there are some choices to satisfy different expectations of homeowners. So what type of siding is right for you? Below you will find a review of the typical siding options to help you make a decision:

Regular wood

wood siding

Wood is natural and is available in different forms. The advantage of wood is that it can be painted, meaning a homeowner can always change the color of the siding whenever they want to. Wood is available in different styles such as shingles, shakes, vertical boards, and clapboard that results in various looks. The downside of the regular wood as your siding material of choice is that it requires routine maintenance like painting. It is also flammable unless treated with a flame-retardant coating, and it is more susceptible to rot and insects that destroy it.

Engineered wood

engineered wood siding

This siding material was made to reduce the disadvantages of regular wood. It is made from a combination of timber materials and glues to form boards and panels to offer stability, strength and protect them from moisture. The material is eco-friendly as it is made from recycled wood. It is cheap and stable. Its downside is that unless painted or sealed it can be damaged by moisture.



This material is made from PVC. Early vinyl used to warp in extreme climates as well as fade easily once exposed to weather elements. However, advancements in technology have led to production of vinyl siding that can mimic different types of architectural accents and cladding such as slate and stone. The current vinyl has more strength and is weather resistant. Its biggest disadvantage is the fact that repairs require replacement of entire sections, it is flammable, is toxic if burnt, cannot be painted, and comes with few styles and color selections.

Fiber Cement

fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is a mixture of wood fibers, sand, and cement. It is thicker than other forms of siding and withstands harsher weather conditions like hail and strong wind. Unlike wood or vinyl, this material does not expand or contract. Repainting this type of siding will not be needed as often as wood siding; it is more stable which allows paint to last longer on its surface. Manufacturers offer long warranties for this product due to its durability and weather resistance. Another thing to consider, fiber cement is not susceptible to termites. It is incombustible and comes with numerous options in color and texture. However, its installation is complicated and is often more expensive.



Metal siding is made from either aluminum or steel. While steel is harder than aluminum, it is prone to rust on exposed areas and is not suitable for corrosive environments. Metal is durable, available in different styles, some that look like wood siding, it is fireproof and can form a seamless bond since it can be forged to the required size on site. It is, however, difficult to paint, its colors fade, and softer metals can dent if struck and is also susceptible to rust.



Brick, or stone, siding offers attractive looks and is long-lasting. However, it is expensive and requires experienced masons to install. It can last for decades, does not require painting, is fireproof, and allows for lots of decorative styles and texture. The downside of brick/stone siding: it needs structural foundation support due to its heavy weight, the joints deteriorate over time, and it is more costly than other siding options.

There are many more siding options to choose from, analyze your requirements and select one that will fully meet your expectations. Consider the cost, durability, ability to vary color and style, your location and climate before making your decision. Owen Enterprises can help you determine which siding is right for you!

Owen Enterprises can help you determine which siding is right for you! We offer JamesHardie Siding, CertainTeed Siding, and Versetta Stone. Each of these siding options come with various warranties and features. Call us today to talk to a siding specialist.