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All About Clay Shingles!

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All About Clay Shingles!

Wondering where you can find experienced roofing experts with dazzling craftsmanship techniques who will expediently ensure that your Chicago home has the best roofing designs and quality materials! Owen enterprises are your ideal partner. Clay roof shingles involve covering your home with consistent overlapping clay elements that are produced through baked molded clay. The clay roof density is determined by the time length and the heating temperatures. The elements are creatively and professionally designed in ways that are flat, and they are overlapping in the joints.

The clay roof tiles are usually rectangular in shape and are laid in such a way each course overlaps from its successive joint at the tip. Owen enterprises roofing procedures and service are provided with the sole objective of bringing out the best clay roof shingles with quality roofing materials. The shingles provided by Owen Enterprises consists of several materials that include asphalt shingles, metal shingles as well as cedar shingles. As an individual, couple or family seeking the best and quality roofing services it’s wise to be knowledgeable about the pros and cons of clay shingles:

diagram of the parts of a roof

Pros of clay roof shingle

Lower Water Absorption

The shingles with clay elements have low water absorption compared to other common roofing elements such as concrete materials. The average water absorption rate for clay roof shingles is about 6%. This rate is considered as the lowest compared to other roofing materials and therefore has a lower likelihood of mildew and stains development and is more durable in Chicago land areas which are cool and the roofs are more likely to absorb more water content.

Coloring Longevity

The higher roofing temperatures baked by professional manufacturers in Owen Enterprise enables the creation of non-absorbent roofing materials that will last for a very long time. Clay shingles are also known to be less prone to stains due to its effectiveness in maintaining the original coloring.


Clay shingles are more durable than most roofing materials showcased by ancient homes in most parts of Europe which are over 100 years old. Owen enterprises ensure that the temperatures reach the highest levels that will sustain the roof-top clay materials to the maximum period which translates too many years.

Cons of clay roofing shingle

Only good for warm climates

Clay shingles are only conducive in warm climates, and they can crack or shutter in colder seasons. That makes the clay shingles to be less inconvenient when choosing as the favorite roof-top material in place with colder climate conditions.

More costly

Clay roof shingles are more expensive than most roofing materials such as concrete tiles and therefore can be an impediment considering to install the affordable roofing materials. The durability and the coloring maintenance longevity make it more expensive because of the demanding creation technique and expertise.


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