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How About Some New Windows?

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How About Some New Windows?

One of the areas that homeowners pay the least attention to is windows – so long as they are there and are clean what is the point of changing them? This is not a good approach. To begin with, windows are an important aesthetic feature in your home; by installing new, better-looking ones you can transform how your home looks and you may even increase its value in the process. That said, there are other reasons why you may want to install new windows.

The first is to do with your utility bills. Old windows tend to let in gusts of wind during the cold months and they make your home hotter during the hot months. This means that you have to set your AC higher and leave it on for longer; this will definitely drive up your power consumption. If you have noticed that your bills have been slowly rising and your insulation is fine you may want to look at brand new window installation.
Another common reason for getting in contractors to put in new windows is when there is frosting in between the double glazing. It is a sign that your windows have small cracks which makes them easy to breach. Even if you notice this in just a few windows it is very likely that the rest will soon follow so it is okay to go ahead and install all of them.

If you notice that the paint on window frames is chipping or bubbling it is a sign that it is damaged and you need to replace your windows. In addition to that, you may find that you can hear more street noises than usual over time, another sign that it is time for a window update.

It is important to note that usually, windows on one side of the home – the one that gets the most sun – will deteriorate before the other side. If you are strapped for cash you can replace only this side and wait to do the other later.

So which are the best styles of windows to go with? Do you stick with the existing design or can you install something more modern? The issue is really up to the design of your home and your own personal choice. If you have a traditionally styled home then it might look a bit awkward if you install window designs that are meant for more contemporary structures. If you have a newer home there are many widow styles that you can choose from – double hung, single hung, accent, glass block and many more.

Although there are many DIY guides online about window installation it is best to get a professional contractor in Naperville to do your installation. You will avoid costly mistakes and end up with a better finish.


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