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How Often Should Siding Be Replaced?

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How Often Should Siding Be Replaced?

Your home’s siding is important – not only does it make for better aesthetics, it also protects the structure. Siding, especially vinyl siding, is designed to last a very long time – it can take up to 20 years before it needs to be replaced. That said, it is important for you as the homeowner to know when it is time for siding to be replaced. If your siding is always in good condition you can expect your home to remain valuable and you will also save on cooling and heating costs. Here are some signs that your siding needs to be replaced.

• If you have to paint your home every few years it is a good sign that something is wrong with the siding. A home that has siding that is in good condition can go for more than 10 years without requiring fresh paint. If you find that you are painting every 5 or 6 years you probably need new siding.

how often should siding be replaced

• If you are paying more in power and heating bills over time there is a good chance that the problem is the siding in your home. It is important to eliminate the roof and the attic as cracks in these can lead to added power costs but if these are in good condition then you should examine your siding and see whether it needs to be replaced.

• If your siding is broken and rotten in more than just a few places it is high time you replaced it all. Warping could also be a sign of rotting so do a manual inspection and find out how damaged the siding is.

• Cracked and loose siding can also be a problem. After a storm, you can expect to see a few cracked boards. These can be replaced easily. If, however, a lot of the siding is lost or broken then place to replace everything.

• Mold and mildew can heavily damage your siding. If you notice that the siding in your home has moss and mildew you should move very fast to have it removed and replaced. Mold and mildew are very destructive and they can render your property worthless in a matter of months.

• Dry rot is a sign that siding needs to be changed. It starts below and slowly eats the siding towards the outside.

If you notice any of these signs on your siding it is high time that you gave your home a new look. Be sure to also check the quality of your roof along with your siding and give a call to Aurora roofing contractors if in need.


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