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Tell-Tale Signs You Need New Windows

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Tell-Tale Signs You Need New Windows

Windows are one area of the home that many homeowners don’t pay attention to – so long as they look like they are in good condition and are clean they can be ignored for years. Windows are like any other part of your home – they deteriorate over the years and they have to be replaced from time to time. If you see any of the following signs it is high time that you invested in new windows from a professional window contractor for your home in Chicago:

•If you feel drafts when you are near the windows it is quite likely that there are small detachments between the window and the frame. Since you will need to install brand new frames you might as well go ahead and install new windows – it adds value to your home and you stop cold drafts from coming in.

•If your power bills are higher than usual and you have checked everything else (insulation, AC unit, etc) it is likely that the culprit is the windows. If they have even the smallest of cracks in the frames then you are losing heat through them and this is what is driving your power bills up. Installing new windows will save you a lot of money in the long run.

window replacement in-progress
•If you notice that your double glazed windows are cloudy between the panes it usually means that there is a crack somewhere and the window needs to be replaced. If all the windows in your home were installed at the same time and you notice that one pane is cloudy you should check all the rest – it is quite likely that there are several that need to be replaced.

•Have you been wrestling with your windows to open or close them? This happens when over time the hinged become stiff and sometimes rusty. If you don’t replace such windows one day they will simply fall off the wall.

•If you are having a hard time locking your windows it is quite likely that they were installed badly. Leaving such windows as they are is a risk because they make a great entry point for intruders.

•If your windows have been costing more and more in maintenance it is a sign that you should cut your losses and install new ones. Maintenance includes things such as paint jobs, replacing hinges, replacing rotting frames and so on.

Remember, when it comes to windows a stitch in time saves ten – by replacing them, you spare yourself what might be huge costs in the end.

Regular home maintenance is very important for keeping a residence in tip-top shape, especially the roof. Professional Roofing Contractors in Hinsdale can aid in various home renovations and maintenance.


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