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Warranties: A Homeowner's Best Asset

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Warranties: A Homeowner's Best Asset


Choosing the right warranty for your roof and siding is important. There are various warranties that are available for roofing as well as siding. Learn about the different variations of roofing materials.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

This entails two warranties- a workmanship warranty, which caters for improper or problems that may result from the installation of the roof by the contractor. In case the roofing or siding material deteriorated before the period of warranty expires, then seek the manufacturer for the settlement.

Manufacturer’s warranties solely cover problems brought about by production leading to the product’s fail prematurely.

Asphalt Roofing Warranties

Asphalt warranties are divided into prorated, during which labor is not covered whereas as time decrease also does the amount of coverage and non-prorated periods which cater for its reasonable cost. Owen Enterprises offers these brands of asphalt shingles.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Extended warranties assure customers that the warranty will cover them as long as they live in their homes. This is however way hard to be accomplished.

Metal Roofing Warranties

This warrants their products with manufacturing problems that lead to flaking, cracking or deterioration as a result of rust. Metal roofing warranties us faced with a number of limitations. The warranty is product specific and there is no place where they have mentioned that they will cater for leakages. The warranty fails to cover indentations or other problems. These warranties are transferable.

Removing roof underlayment

Rubber Roofing Warranties

It warrants against any change to the product that is not uniform and due to normal weathering. It also covers manufacturing defects that will result in leaks into the interior of the house.


Its maximum transfer is limit to 10 years only. After the ten years, the next owner shall have 50 years but non-prorated warranty.

Rubber Roofs And Normal Roofing Maintenance

In the initial five years, the warranty includes all the materials assembled and labor. After this time elapses, the warranty only provides for the rubber roofing and labor only. Other costs are covered by the manufacturer. There is the absence of the ability to measure color fade protection. Not uniform color change is usually catered for by the warranty.

It is therefore of great importance to get a warranty for your roofing or your siding. This will really help in ensuring that you stay comfortable without even leakages that may result from failure of the manufacturer. This kind of warranties are key and are also an important requirement whenever you set up a home anywhere you should ensure that you obtain a warranty for roofing and siding.


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