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The Damages caused by strong hailstorms on your sidings and how to repair them.

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The Damages caused by strong hailstorms on your sidings and how to repair them.

Siding is an exterior material applied to the walls of a building to protect or shed the wall against water, strong weather, and hail. Hail is a destructive weather and occurs throughout the year and causes damages to your house. The roof is the most prone to hail damages. However, hail can also damage your siding and windows causing cracks, dents, and holes. When hails occurs, this calls for immediate response for repair to protect more damage to your siding.

When hail strikes the amount of damage caused will depend on the type of your siding. The effects vary with the material of the siding.

Wood siding cannot be damaged by the small size of hailstones, but if the hailstorm is stronger and has larger stones it is expected to cause damage such as splits and dents. Furthermore, the paint in wood siding will crack. When this happens, your siding can be fixed with some sanding and repainting. For excess damage, you may replace your siding.

Vinyl siding is very susceptible to hail. With strong hailstorms, the siding will get chips and holes. When this damage occurs, you are required to replace some of the siding or the whole siding. However, if your vinyl siding is insulated, it is more resistant to the hailstorm.

Metal sidingAluminum siding is slightly stronger and durable during the hailstorm, but when the storm is stronger, the siding can be dented. In most cases, the aluminum siding does not require replacement.

Other damages caused by strong heavy weathering and hail may include damage to windows and roof as noted above. The damages caused to your siding are equally the same that can be due to your windows. Windows though have a small area, and so fewer hailstones will hit the windows. Apparently, windows sills are horizontal and hence they are more exposed to vertical hails. Equally, significantly strong hail can break the window panes.

When hailstorms occur causing damages, repair can be done. It is advisable to get a certified siding repair firm to inspect your siding. The firm should also inspect your home for more damages such as chips, cracks, and dents. They will repair or replace your siding with more durable or resistant materials to weather damages.


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