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Increasing the Value of Your Home

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Increasing the Value of Your Home

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If you have thought about selling your home, you need to prepare for the moment. For some homeowners, it involves breaking out the tools and getting their hands dirty while others prefer expert restoration firms to improve the aesthetic feel. While you might enjoy the challenge of do-it-yourself tasks, you cannot wish away the expertise and value that comes with the new look. Whether it is a roof restoration or sliding replacement, Owen enterprises has you covered.

Upgrade the roof

Without doubt, the roof is an essential barrier against the elements. Moreover, roofing materials and the design are key aspects in the overall look into your home. Just like most things, however, the roof deteriorates over time. After years of soaking and baking, the roof would lose its structural integrity and physical appearance, which, needless to say, brings down the overall look of your home. A decline in aesthetic value comes with a lower market price and thus, the need to inspect the roof’s condition prior to sale.Roof restorations often yield a higher value that exceeds cost of repair.

Paint the walls

The first thing that the buyer observes is the condition of the house’s exterior. Structures that appear old, dilapidated and ugly tend to bring down the entire property’s value. Painting your home might be the simplest yet the most overlooked task for homeowners. You can consult us before settling for the painting job to get the best out of it. A professional painter helps you revitalize the condition of the home while repairing and replacing damaged areas. It is the simplest way to make your home look new without spending a fortune.

Work on your windows and doors

Other than the roof and walls, new windows and doors can also boost the house’s aesthetics. In addition, newer door and window offerings tend to be more energy efficient. The current real estate is moving towards energy efficiency and hence, you’re likely to fetch a premium price for energy-efficient structures. You can lower your running costs by as much as 30% with an energy-efficient home. You’ll be able to accrue the benefits instantly. Moreover, you are likely to get more calls for your home when the agents tag it as energy-efficient.

Another good way to save on power consumption, and one that does not require much spending, is by replacing your home’s air filters. Needless to say, an old, clogged filter makes your system work more than it should. A simple air filter replacement will save you hundreds, if not thousands, over the years.

Sliding renovations

It might appear strange, but your sliding is a key towards improving the value of your home. Whether it’s for creating a movable partition or expanding the entryways, a new sliding goes a long way towards improving functionality. You do not want a sliding that keeps you in the backyard for minutes and so does the buyer. It could be time to switch from the traditional doors to sliding glass that allows natural movement for larger equipment into your house. It also improves natural light entry into key spaces within the house, which cuts your energy costs.

Repair the flooring

While it might not be visible from outside, the interior flooring could lower the price of the house if it fails to impress prospective buyers. If it’s an old house, you need to upgrade the floor to suit the modern construction trends, before inviting offers. While the hardwoods attract potential deals, a high-quality flooring might save you time and money while giving you unmatched appeal for the buyers. It helps to fix all the flaws and replace old carpets.

Refurbished kitchen

A vast majority of the buyers wants a functional workspace that entails the taps, bench-tops, and cupboards. You might be thrilled to overdo the kitchen upgrades with marble bench tops, granite, and stainless steel appliances. However, be careful. While these upgrades help give a modern and sleek appearance, the cost can add up and won’t be cheap, which isn’t a good thing for both you and the interested parties.

It starts with a professional inspection before embarking on the upgrades to determine the level of restoration needed. The evaluation ought to give a tentative price estimate for personal budgeting and planning. Begin with the tasks that need little capital investment to prevent possible inaction.


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