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Keep Your Windows Clean with These Eco-friendly Tips

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Keep Your Windows Clean with These Eco-friendly Tips

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You do not need to clean your windows with fancy smelling chemicals in order to make sure that every single speck of dust or nasty fingerprint is removed, while using up a whole bunch of paper towels in the process. There are certainly better methods of keeping your windows clean without polluting our environment with unwanted chemicals and toxins. Some of the instant benefits include resource preservation, cost savings, and ultimately, a perfect view of the outside world with the satisfaction knowing that you have done your best.

Make your own window cleaning solution

Rather than spend time looking through the supermarket shelves for the most powerful window cleaning solution in the market, why not make your own that will not leave a waxy residue behind? A simple mix of water and vinegar is enough to reduce water spots, streaking, and best of all, prevent windows from fogging up. All you need is a quarter cup of white vinegar mixed with two cups of water in a bucket, while throwing in a quarter to half teaspoon’s worth of eco-friendly dish detergent or baking soda for an added punch. If you would like to increase the cleaning power of the solution, increase the ratio of vinegar — but too much might end up leaving streaks.

You can use an old, bunched up newspaper to get your window spotless with this solution although your hands might end up all black from the print afterward. If you prefer a green alternative, then an old cotton t-shirt or reusable microfiber cleaning cloth would be able to do the trick. It does not matter whether you clean from the inside first before attempting the outside, but make sure it is a top-to-bottom job in order to prevent any kind of dripping over the areas that have already been cleaned. Cleaning your windows when the sun is out is the best time as the drying process is sped up.

Do make sure that the glass is not the only area which is targeted when you clean — it would be wise to work on the weather stripping and woodwork as well. After all, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to examine all parts of your windows in detail which will be able to help you identify whether any additional repair or restoration work needs to be done elsewhere.

When you break out the calculator, you would realize that the cost of making your very own window cleaning solution is a whole lot more affordable compared to purchasing an off-the-shelf solution.

Not only does a clean window provide you with that sense of satisfaction, it will also help conserve energy in the long run as you rely more on natural lighting as opposed to turning on the lamp at home.

The general rule of thumb in home improvement is this: if it can be fixed, then do so as it will most probably be the cheaper option. Otherwise, you might want to consider contacting us to replace any of your windows with a range of choices available on hand. We have a vast amount of experience and have been in the business long enough to receive glowing reports of their handiwork.


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