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Why You Should Invest in LeafProof Gutter System This Winter

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Why You Should Invest in LeafProof Gutter System This Winter

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You should always make sure that the house is well maintained. Despite its importance, the roof is quite often neglected by the homeowners over the course of the years. This included in our priorities but the last on our list is taking a ladder out to check out just how your roof’s condition is — whether its shingles are still in place and moss-free, or its gutter system being free of leaves, branches and other kinds of unwanted debris that hinder the flow of water during rain and after snow.

Why the LeafProof gutter system?

With winter ready to extend its icy cold fingers upon us soon, it is imperative that you take a good look at your house gutter system. If it is all clogged up with dirt, leaves, and debris from the past few years, perhaps even leaking at some points, it would be best to consult a reliable roofing contractor who could use years of experience and expertise to remedy the situation.

Not all gutter systems are the same which is why the LeafProof gutter system stands out from the rest of the products in the market with its features and capabilities. Get a certified LeafProof installer to get the LeafProof gutter system in place, and you will be able to have a less stressful holiday season over this winter as leaks are eliminated, in addition to not having to clean out the gutter yourself when spring rolls around.

LeafProof ensures that the scientific principle of surface tension works in your favor. The patented “S-Bend” technology will allow the water that flows in its direction to reverse and churn. This will slow down the water’s momentum as it starts to come off the roof after following the roof line to the shingles’ drip edge. In addition, the “S-Bend” technology will also enable the LeafProof panel segment that covers the gutter to be installed on a reasonably level slope. With this, the water’s speed will have a greater degree of resistance than usual, and by the time the water flow arrives at the LeafProof’s water channel, it will go through another reversal process before draining out all the way into the gutter.

You might find imitations of the LeafProof gutter system in the market that do seem to work in the same way, but upon closer inspection, you would realize that none of them sport the patented “S-Bend” technology. Without the patented “S-Bend” technology, such covers tend to be installed under the second row of shingles which might cause indirect damage to your roof since they are nailed or screwed in the installation process, which is contrary to protecting your roof.

For added peace of mind, the LeafProof gutter system will be accompanied by material warranty as well as a performance warranty which is more than what can be said of other gutter guard systems in the market. The LeafProof gutter system not only delivers in terms of convenience, protection, and performance this winter, it will also work its magic during the rainy season. During the spring and autumn, the solid aluminum gutter cover will ensure that no debris or unwanted leaves and branches from nearby trees could clog up your gutter system. Best of all, the LeafProof gutter system can be installed regardless of the kind of roofing you have at the moment, working comfortably alongside materials such as shingles, slate, metal, tile, as well as different roof pitches.


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