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Recent Posts in March, 2016

  • Roof Types: A Brief Overview

    Are you looking for the best roofing Naperville options? Do you constantly look to find out what roofing option suits your area? Owen Enterprises are ...
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  • Tips for Home Upkeep

    There are various causes of home damage. Home damage can be done by water. Water is usually the most suspected culprit for any home damage. This ...
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  • How Weather Can Effect Your Home

    Keeping a house in good shape is extremely important. A house that is in good shape is one that will retain and even increase in value. One of the ...
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  • 3 Spectacular Benefits of Siding Replacement

    The exterior look and appeal of your home is vital. It stands out whenever someone views it including yourself. In addition, it does the guard work of ...
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  • 3 Great Benefits of Replacing Your Roof!

    The overwhelming majority of homeowners don’t view a roof replacement as beneficial. In fact, they’re inclined to not replace it unless it’s 100% ...
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