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3 Spectacular Benefits of Siding Replacement

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3 Spectacular Benefits of Siding Replacement

Siding replacement in progressThe exterior look and appeal of your home is vital. It stands out whenever someone views it including yourself. In addition, it does the guard work of protecting the interior of your home from external elements such as: wind, insects, the sun, noise, snow, cold and hot weather, and more. The siding of your home with time will deteriorate. Therefore its replacement vital to keep your home overall looking beautiful, appealing, and welcoming. Now what are the big benefits of siding other than the ones aforementioned?

#1 (Enhanced Curb Appeal): As your siding deteriorates from natural aging, the color can become faded and lackluster. It begins to take on a unclean appearance that comes from both time and neglect whether known about or unknown. Now, the exciting news is that getting new siding allows you to pick from a variety of colors, textures and profiles! You can improve your home design and give it a fresh new look. If you’re interested in siding in Illinois you contact us here at Owen Enterprises.

#2 (The Repair of Secret Structural Damage): Structural damage can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Worsening studs
  • Worsening floor framing
  • Delaminating plywood
  • and more

The aging of your siding can let rainwater drip around your home windows. This in return can possibly cause structural damage to occur to your home. It may be challenging or easy to see the effects of the water has on the bottom of your window. Often enough, structural goes unnoticed and it continues to occur despite a homeowner’s unawareness to it. The sooner you repair any damage, the more money you’ll save yourself down the line.

#3 (Addition tip: Insulation): Would you like to keep the winds of water and rain out of your home? Well then, you may want to consider along with replacing the siding on your home w/ added insulation. Added insulation to the exterior walls of your house can help with keeping the outside elements at bay better. Some homes don’t have wall insulation. While your siding is off, you can take advantage of the opportunity to give you some more comfort with addition of insulation.

House wrap is a synthetic material that’s lightweight and creates a weather resistant barrier that decreases the ability for moisture to enter your home. In addition, it increases the energy efficiency. The purpose of this material is to keep moisture from coming into the wall cavity of your home.

So all in all, these 3 benefits of siding your home. If you live in Illinois and are interested in siding replacement for your home, Contact Owen Enterprises and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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