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Roof Types: A Brief Overview

Naperville Roofing

Roof Types: A Brief Overview

Are you looking for the best roofing Naperville options? Do you constantly look to find out what roofing option suits your area? Owen Enterprises are known to be great at their work. With professional workmanship, they will help you arrive at this decision of determining what is best for you. All this applies if you are in need of changing your older roof or you want a new roof.

Various factors are known to play a big role on the kind of roofing option that one will resolve to employ. The climate of the area, its landscape, the style of the house and also the cost of each of the roofing options is important in determining the kind of roofing needed.Grey tile roof

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt Shingles is easily accessible and durable. Owen Enterprises can be the best contractors for you. Asphalt shingles can either be organic or fiberglass. Initially, all shingles were organic. Felt made the base material of the shingle and most of it was a cotton rag. Later in 1920s cotton rag was replaced with jute, wood pulp or Manila since it became expensive. In an attempt to prevent effects of storms on the roof, manually applied adhesives were employed in the 1950s. Fiberglass was introduced in the 1960s though by then hail, with a large size, would destroy it.

Cedar shake roofs

Whoever needs a roof which is long lasting opts for this option. This kind of roof appeals the eye more than asphalt shingle roof. They are known to withstand various climate; they are usually preferred for hot and sunny conditions since they are good at opposing ultra-violet (UV) damage. Even if the weather is stormy and rainy, this kind of roofs will still thrive. Cedar roofs act as an insulator, saving you the cost of cooling and heating system of your house.

Installation of cedar roofs is difficult, hiring the best contractors with professionals such as Owen Enterprise is important. Asphalt shingle is usually cheaper than a cedar roof, but the benefits of cedar roofs are worth this cost.

Tile roof

This is the most stable type of roofs. It can last for a century if well maintained and lasts much longer than shingles. They are often made from slate. It is known to originate from Europe. It also comes in different colors. Whatever color that complements your home is what you ask from your contractors. They also play a role in the heating and cooling of your home.

Metal Roof

They serve as protection from rain, sun, and even wind. They are durable since they are destroyed at a slower rate


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