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Tips for Home Upkeep

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Tips for Home Upkeep

There are various causes of home damage. Home damage can be done by water. Water is usually the most suspected culprit for any home damage. This affects the foundation of the house and what follows is the damage. Dampness that results from entry of water on the wood invites termites which will destroy the wood that forms the foundation of the house. Here are some precautions that will help you not to be faced with this problem.

Ensure Good Drainage

Ensuring good drainage is important to prevent weakening of the foundation and helps in the hindering development of pathways that will enter your home. It also prevents the formation of cracks by water that finds its way into your home.

Ensuring good drainage is observed by following some guidelines. Firstly, ensure that your gutters are cleaned every day. Failure to clean your gutters can cause water to accumulate on the side of your house causing damage to the foundation. Owen Enterprises can assist with all your gutter needs.

Your yard should be a few meters from the house. This will prevent water from the yard from accumulating around the foundation of the house. The slope of the yard should also be in such a way that it will direct water away from your house. This is done so that no molds or even insects that will find their way into the foundation of the house causing damages.

An effort should also be made to avoid leaving the soil too dry. The dry soil around your house may cause the soil to shrink such that when rains come there is a lot of pressure on the foundation of the house his might also destroy the house. A soaker hose should be inserted into the soil around the foundation to prevent it from expanding after that exerting intense pressure on the foundation.

Exposed home foundation

Ensure no frozen pipes

Frozen pipes will not direct water away from the foundation. It will let the water accumulate around it. This will lead to mold formation and insects to accumulate around the foundation resulting in the destruction of the woods that form the foundation of the house.

Prevent Ice Dams

They form when melting ice refreeze at the roofs and it subsequently melts under the roof causing interior leaks and water damage to the ceilings. In this case, proper ventilation and insulation are important in preventing ice dams. Snow slides or even ice slides should be fitted to prevent the contact between the roof and the ice. Certain precautions are necessary, do not use a blowtorch to try to melt the ice. Just contact a professional.


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