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Shingle Roof Repair Basics and Procedure that You Can Use

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Shingle Roof Repair Basics and Procedure that You Can Use

Damaged shingles can reduce the life of a roof. So as to ensure that your home is always secure, it is important that you make it a routine to evaluate regularly and replace shingles that have been damaged. Adopting such a practice ensures that your home is always secure and dry. Below are steps on how you can repair your broken roof shingles.

The first step is to remove the damaged shingle. To get to the top of the roof requires you to have an extra hand to help. Accessing the roof top requires that you also a ladder that is secure and sturdy. A roof jack and harness may be necessary in the case where the extent of damage is great or complex but may not be a requirement if you are assessing the level of damage and replacing a few shingles.

Assessment of the destroyed shingles determines how many new ones you will need to install. Always look at the extent to which the damage has gone as far as the moisture barrier or flashing is concerned and look for seepage signs. If the shingles surrounding are doing their work, it will be logical to replace everything on the area around the area that is damaged. In other cases, it would be necessary to remove all the shingles.

The weather is another factor that you should consider. Pick on a day that the weather is moderate so that you can do the repairs. If it is too cold, the shingles can crack, and if its too warm, the sealants tend to be tough to break. If you must work on a warm day, you can pour water on the shingles so as to cool them making their removal easy.

To remove the shingles, loosen the tabs underlying the damaged shingle inclusive of the nest two layers above it. You must note that each shingle is tightened with eight nails four at the center and the other four through the shingles on top of it. You are therefore required to lift all the shingles so as to uncover the nails and pull them out.

Having ensured that all the tabs have been loosened, pull the up the flat bar underneath the damaged shingle to each nail while centering the nail in the bar notch. If there is an adverse damage on the shingles, do not try to salvage any. Just remove them all and replace with new ones. However, there is a need of being careful not to destroy the good ones.

After having completed the uninstallation process, you now proceed to install new shingles. If the shingle is covered with an adhesive tape, pull it off and push them into their place. Most shingles have holes that have been precut to guide you you use these holes to hammer in the nail and fasten them into position. Apply a 1-inch diameter spot of shingle cement under each of the tabs and press the tabs down on the cement firmly to secure the shingles. When done with replacing the broken pieces, you can work your way through the roof trying to fix any loose shingles.

You should note that damage on the shingles is as a result of water that gets beneath the shingle causing it to rot from there. It is important that you, therefore, make it a habit to check and fasten any loose shingles so as to elongate their life. It will also save you the coat of having to buy new ones to replace the destroyed ones. Getting on top of the roof is not a fancy job comparing the risk that is involved too hence the need to have our roof shingles well fastened.


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