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Design Ideas for Room With Large Windows

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Design Ideas for Room With Large Windows

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Homes that are adequately lighted always exude a sense of cheer and happiness. There are various ways to achieve this, and having plenty of windows that are strategically located is one of them, other than installing a skylight. A room with well-placed, new windows would definitely be bright and airy, and keeping windows clean would certainly require a far lower degree of effort as opposed to maintaining skylights around.

A large window offers a better view of the surroundings – an asset like when the home happens to reside in a spacious area with a killer garden on the outside. Not only will that window allow more natural light to come in and help save on the monthly energy bill, it also creates a sense of spaciousness. This makes a small room feel larger than it actually is. Here are some design ideas for a room that will be complemented by large windows.

Mixture of Bright Colors and Light Textures

Any room with large windows will work well with a mixture of bright colors as well as light textures that will ensure the immediate surroundings to look even more airy and bright. For instance, having bright yellow accent pieces or orange colored elements will jive well with the natural light that shines through the large, new windows, exuding a dynamic yet refreshing look.

Darker Colors with Rich Textures

Alternatively, there is the option to settle for the opposite end of the spectrum, that is to play around with darker colors and rich textures for your drapes, furniture, and carpet that result in an exquisite and sophisticated atmosphere. More earthy tones in the vein of beige, brown or red will certainly provide a cozy outlook for anyone who steps into the room, with wood starring as the main material of choice. It really depends on how one would like the room to feel like, and a small window would not be able to provide such options without the help of additional lighting from the inside.

Adding Window Blinds

If the home happens to have windows that are wider compared to its height, then it makes perfect sense to give it the vertical window treatment in the form of a vertical blind or a panel track sliding blind. This special combination will be able to make the room look taller than it is while making it feel more formal than usual. In the case where horizontal blinds come in, these tend to fare better in situations where the window itself is taller than its width. Such a combination would enhance the overall decor with a casual feel. Cellular shades and wood blinds work best in the latter situation compared to the former.

If you are on the lookout for a window installer in Illinois, Owen Enterprises is here to serve and answer any questions that homeowners might have concerning the installation of new windows in a home. Backed by an experienced team who has the expertise in handling all kinds of home improvement and repair situations, we are able to provide our clients with expert advice on how to make large windows with just about any room work. Give us a call today and let us help create that long-awaited dream room!


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