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Four Ways to Maintain Fiber Cement Siding

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Four Ways to Maintain Fiber Cement Siding

One of the advantages of fiber cement siding is it requires relatively little maintenance. This, plus its durability and aesthetic appeal, is mostly what makes it attractive to homeowners. It’s mainly resistant to pests, UV, rain, and even fungus. However, “low maintenance” is not the same as “maintenance free,” so you do have to put in the effort every now and then.

It’s so easy that you’re not going to see it as a chore at all. Here are four ways you can keep your fiber cement siding in top notch quality for years to come:


Regularly Clean Cement Siding Panels

Having a buildup of dirt or pollutant residue is perfectly normal, but if left unchecked can make your fiber cement panels look dirty and worn out and can even permanently damage it. You can use a garden hose for minor dirt, but for tougher stains like oil stains or paint remnants, it’s best to ask your cement board siding supplier or other local retailers on what to use to remove these stains. Be sure to ask for the safest and most effective product. You also need to check with your supplier if it’s alright to use a high-pressure hose since some fiber cement panels may have a delicate finish.

Inspect the Caulks of the Fiber Cement Panels

Fiber cement sidings have water-resistant sealants like silicone caulks that join the panels to the other parts of the home. These include items such as door frames, window sills, and other edges. However, as with all water-resistant materials, they can wear off over time. Check every few months if the caulks have cracks or gaps that you need to repair. If there are, there’s no need to call repairers. You can quickly fix up this minor damage by getting some caulks and applying them by yourself. This is why it’s better if you have a handy stash of moisture-resistant sealants.Siding

Keep Moisture Away from the Cement Boards

Moisture is the foe of healthy house siding, so you need to divert rainwater from your fiber cement siding. Make sure that your gutters are cleaned biannually especially in the spring and early winter. These are the seasons with the most falling leaves and other debris that can block the drains. Once you’re done with cleaning the gutters, check if water can flow smoothly in downspouts. You should also look out for rust, flaking, or peeling around the gutters.

SidingRepaint the Cement Boards

Another one of the advantages of fiber cement siding is the long lasting paint most of the boards have. Despite this, all cement siding panels do need to be repainted eventually. Preprimed fiber cement (boards which are already painted by the manufacturer) have longer lasting paint – about around 15 years – than primed fiber cement (boards that allow you to customize the colors). When you repaint cement boards, make sure that you only use premium acrylic products. This will go well with the boards and keep it from being stained.

Fiber cement sidings are definitely a worthwhile investment for your home. They are durable, low maintenance, and look absolutely beautiful. Make sure to do these four basic maintenance activities to keep them fresh and save you problems down the road.


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