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5 Reasons to have Skylights

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5 Reasons to have Skylights

Skylights in modern building

Skylights might seem to be a luxury to some, but it should actually be considered as an essential part of any home’s design. After all, skylights not only provide natural light to flood in, enhancing the amount of space in a room or area of the home, it will also help reduce humidity through the warmth of the sun’s rays while lowering your monthly utility bill expenses. If you are still mulling over the installation or inclusion of a skylight in your home, here are 5 reasons to help you make a positive decision.

Reason 1: More natural light with privacy maintained

Installing a skylight for your bathroom would be one of the best home improvement ideas any homeowner can undertake. The presence of a skylight in the bathroom will work in a totally different manner from that of a regular window. Not only will you be able to experience a whole lot more light in a direct manner, your privacy will not be compromised in any way. It will also be a more enjoyable experience as each time you look up, you will have a soothing view of the dancing clouds in the sky above as well as the swaying leaves on tree branches due to the gentle breeze outside. Assuming the skylight installed can be opened, it will facilitate a passage for steam to flow out, preventing its build up within.

Reason 2: A natural wake up call

The world is divided into two categories of people: the first are those who are able to get up at a moment’s notice without letting the alarm ring for more than a few seconds. The other category would be those who are unable to live without the snooze function. It might take up to an hour and an extremely irritated sleeping partner before folks from the second group are able to wake up. A skylight will work wonders in helping night owls get out of bed in double quick time, since there is nothing like having direct sunlight filling up the entire room with its warmth and rays. The body’s natural clock will react to the sunlight that floods in, and enough sleep or not, one will be forced to get out of bed. Another bonus of a skylight in the bedroom is the ability to see what the weather is like at a glance.

Reason 3: Cheaper energy bills

This is a no-brainer — whenever you take advantage of natural lighting, you would have less need to throw on the light switches at home. Just make sure that you achieve a careful balance of skylights, since having too many would result in running the air conditioning system overtime during the summer, and overwork the heating system in winter.

Reason 4: Healthier indoor plants

Those with green fingers will love the idea of skylights since your houseplants will be able to get the required dose of sunlight in order to grow up healthy. As long as the plant in question is able to survive under direct sunlight, then placing them in a designated spot under a skylight is a great idea to beautify the home.

Reason 5: Better breathability

A skylight can contribute to better indoor air quality, since having them open with windows will be able to increase the amount of air circulation. Stale air will be replaced by fresh air that is more than welcome by everyone living under the same roof.


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