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Dos and Don'ts in Fiberglass Door Maintenance

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Dos and Don'ts in Fiberglass Door Maintenance

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The law of entropy means everything in the physical world would require a certain level of maintenance in order to remain in good working condition. Neglect that aspect and things will start to fall apart. Doors in the homes, being the first line of defense, are one such example, although you would find yourself replacing doors at far less frequent intervals as opposed to cleaning the bathtub. While fiberglass doors are noted for their durability and ability to withstand scratches, rust, and rot, this does not exempt it from a degree of maintenance. Here is a quick checklist of what to look out for if you would like to keep your fiberglass doors in tip-top condition.


Always use a solution of water and mild soap in order to clean both the exterior and interior of the door. Keep a keen eye out for the weatherstrip and door bottom, and any signs of wear and tear would signal a replacement. The adjustable strike plate should not be overlooked here, as that part keeps the weatherstrip compressed in a proper manner when closed. Do the same for the door’s corner sill pads as well as other sealants.

For aesthetic purposes, inspect the finish of both door and frame. A painted door would always welcome a new layer of paint applied, while a stained door will appreciate the presence of a topcoat. The amount of paint or topcoat required depends on the wear and tear experienced by the said door.

Last but not least, ensure that the door hinges are well lubricated. Squeaks can be very irritating, and no sleeping partner would appreciate such sounds late into the night if you make frequent trips to the bathroom to relieve yourself.


It is of utmost importance to remember that the door should never ever be left unfinished. Pick the paintbrush and give it a nice, new layer or coat if that is the last thing you will do. Ensure that a stained woodgrain door is not painted over without making use of a compatible primer before that. Avoid lacquer-based paints on your fiberglass doors and never think that harsh chemicals will do a better job at cleaning it. In fact, such concoctions will end up ruining your door faster than expected. A pressure washer and your door are not the best of friends, so avoid using the former on the latter as a shortcut in the cleaning process.

Thriftiness is a commendable virtue, but never use caulk to fill in a worn weatherstrip. Rather, replace the worn weatherstrip with a new one. Do not tighten the sill cap too much, as this will result in the door’s bottom sweep binding. To ensure that your door does not end up cracking or split, never drill holes or screws into the door.


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