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Low Slope or Steep Slope: Which Roof System Should I Settle For?

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Low Slope or Steep Slope: Which Roof System Should I Settle For?

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A man’s home is his castle. Hence, all care and due consideration should be taken before moving in to make it as comfortable as possible. It is important to have a roof over one’s head, but when taken into consideration, which particular roof system should you settle for? There are many different kinds of roof system types that are available in the market, and they are generally divided into low slope and steep slope.

Low-slope Roofing

Low slope roofing is normally comprised of weatherproof roof membranes, which are installed on slopes that are not steeper than 14 degrees. Anything more than that would be considered as steep slope roofing, which is also weatherproof. Some of the most common low slope roof systems include metal panels, polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes, thermoplastic membranes, single-ply membranes, and spray polyurethane foam. Regardless of the low slope roof system picked, they all tend to prioritize the utmost importance of making sure that the weatherproof component lives up to its name. A good roof system should be first and foremost efficient in preventing water from penetrating the ceiling. Apart from that, it must ensure that it is properly assembled in order to increase the level of durability, strength, and stability of the overall membrane. Lastly, the surfacing should not be overlooked, as it helps keep both the weatherproofing and reinforcement safe and sound from the relentless rays of the sun and potentially unforgiving weather situations. There are selected surfacing that goes the extra mile by offering a greater degree of fire resistance in addition to better hail resistance and an improved solar reflectivity.

Steep-slope Roofing

As for steep-slope roofing, this can be broken down into half a dozen general types. They are the asphalt shingles, clay tile and concrete tile, slate, wood shakes and wood shingles and metal roof systems. You are able to tell that a home uses a steep-slope roof system through its look alone. This roof system is made up of individual pieces or components that have been installed in the form of shingles. Assembling a steep-slope roof would normally comprise three main parts. The first of these would be the roof deck which is a wood-based material. This is followed by the underlayment that offers temporary protection, at least until a roof covering is in place. This functions as a secondary weatherproof barrier. Last but not the least would be the roof covering. This roof covering functions as the first line of defense, being an external water-shedding material.

A great roof system should be installed by the best roofing contractor. Owen Enterprises is a roofing contractor in Illinois that has built up a solid reputation over the years through our expertise and experience in installing the right roof system for individual homes. We offer a variety of options including asphalt shingles, DaVinci Roofscapes, Cedar shakes and shingles, metal shingles, and Vande Hey Raleigh systems — all for a reasonable price. Why not give us a call today and we will be able to advise you on the best roof system that suits your needs and budget.


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