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Pros and Cons of Having a Fiberglass Door

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Pros and Cons of Having a Fiberglass Door

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All homes need doors – it is the very first line of protection for most homes. A door does not only offer safety and security, the right choice would also spruce up the home’s overall look and design. The next time you remodel your house or are looking to change the doors within, why not consider a fiberglass door? We are able to help you make a better choice as our consultants are more than happy to drop by your home in order to assist you where the best fit is concerned.

Pros of Having a Fiberglass Doors

A fiberglass door does not only enhance your home aesthetically, it also increases the level of security. A nice entrance is a nice touch to increasing the resale value of your abode. As opposed to wood or steel doors, fiberglass does not suffer from issues such as cracking, rotting, being eaten by termites, split open after being exposed to the elements, and does not rust. It also is capable of resisting dents and scratches –something new parents might want to consider if they have a growing family, as active children are bound to explore their immediate surroundings with wanton abandon.

The Department of Energy states that such doors are more energy efficient than wooden doors in the same class. This ensures your home can retain more warmth in the winter months, and helps maintain a cooler temperature during the sweltering summer months.

Fiberglass doors also offer a greater peace of mind in terms of security. It has a higher degree of durability and doubles the screw-holding power compared to wooden doors. You no longer have to fret over repairing rusty areas or treating the door to prevent it from rotting.

Cons of Having a Fiberglass Doors

Cost would be a major factor that would turn many homeowners to other alternative materials. Good quality ones will be priced at the higher end of the market, so be careful not to bring home a door that is too cheap to be true. These tend to be of poorer build quality, cracking way too easily and requiring far more maintenance over the course of its lifetime.

Not all homes are able to accommodate fiberglass doors since the older houses will require the assistance of a specialist for the installation process.

Why choose Owen Enterprises?

As the premier door installer in Illinois, the range of Therma-Tru fiberglass doors we offer ought to find a place in most homes without any issues. For those who are inspired by residential architecture found in the early 1900s, the American Style Collection fiberglass entry doors would fit the bill perfectly. Sporting patented AccuGrain Technology, it resembles high-grade wood without the negatives. It looks and feels like real wood, and yet is highly durable and resists splitting, cracking and rotting. The Classic-Craft Mahogany collection ups the ante in the elegance department. Environment activists will fall in love with the idea of it being made from environmentally friendly materials which are more than able to handle the rigors of weather and regular wear and tear. Add some Southwestern or European charm with the Classic-Craft Rustic Collection. These carry the look of real wood grain that is difficult to see through at first glance.

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