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Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Gutter

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Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Gutter

Gutter along shingle roof

All houses come with a roof that is accompanied by a gutter system. The gutter system is not going to remain in pristine condition all through the years, as it remains exposed to the harsh elements around the clock. Proper care and maintenance ought to be taken in order to maximize the lifespan of your home’s gutter system. However, there are times when the entire gutter system needs to be replaced as it is beyond repair. Failure to replace or clean your gutter system could result in interior flooding of the house, rotting fascia, erosion in the landscape, or simply being a breeding ground for pesky insects. Here are some telltale signs that it is time to have a new gutter system for the house.

Cracks or Splits

It is easy to brush off a small crack in the gutter, but if left untreated, these small cracks will end up bigger over the passage of time. Left alone, these cracks will allow water to pass through that will increase the level of gutter damage while affecting the fascia boards that are located behind as well as the foundation below.

Paint Peeling

While the gutter’s paint is meant to be weatherproof, it is not invincible to the passage of time. Any peeling paint or orange flecks do point to the early stages of rust manifesting itself. This means there is a permanent presence of water, a sign that stagnant water has collected due to blockage or cracks in other places that cause water to run through it.

Visible Watermarks

It is highly advisable to perform an annual inspection on the gutters on an annual basis, preferably when the weather is bright and sunny. Any kind of water damage or marks spotted right below the gutter would point to leaks or overflowing water – which are potentially damaging to the fascia board.

Gutters Sag

One of the most obvious signs would be having gutter sway away from the house or experience sagging. This means the gutters are filled to the brim with water. The combination of weight and gravity will then pull the gutter away from the house. Left untreated, the entire roof will be affected and need to be repaired.

Provide a new lease of life for your house by contacting Owen Enterprises for a quote or consultation today if you would like to have a certified Leafproof gutter system installer in Illinois take a look at your home’s gutter system. We are an experienced roofing contractor who knows all about gutter systems and would be more than happy to help you replace your gutter system.


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