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Top 4 Skylight Maintenance Tips

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Top 4 Skylight Maintenance Tips

Skylight in shingle roof

There is an apparent concern over environmental sustainability over the recent years. However, most homeowners agree that going green should not be a costly endeavor. If you are faced with the complication of wanting to design a more sustainable home while reducing utility expenses, why not explore the possibility of installing skylights to brighten up your home? This allows natural daylight to overlay a particular room. Such an addition provides the illusion of having more space, as well as help in considerably reducing the monthly electricity bill. However, skylights must be in a polished condition for it to fulfill its purpose at an optimal level, so here are some maintenance tips for your home’s skylight:

Perform cleaning at night

The glass on any skylight will have to go through regular cleaning sessions in order to maximize the flow of light that comes through. The best time to clean the skylight would be in the evening when the temperature is conducive for such a task. Without any direct sunlight heat, the cleaning solution will not evaporate too fast and you will avoid maintenance being an uncomfortable activity.

Flashing repair

If a skylight’s flashing is not properly installed, it will cause it to deteriorate in a shorter amount of time. You may end up compromising the longevity of your skylight if it is compromised leaking and condensation. Therefore, regularly check the skylight’s flashing for each inspection session, replacing them when necessary.

Include another protective layer

During the installation process of the skylight, you might want to consider including a protective shield for the glass. Not only will this help your skylight remain cleaner in between service, but it will also help prevent scratches and cracks from occurring due to flying or falling debris. The protective layer will also ensure that extreme weather conditions do not affect the skylight easily as it is not directly exposed to the harsh elements.

Prevent leakage at all cost

If possible, it is recommended to perform leak checks every month. After all, one of the biggest risks associated with windows would be leaks, and a skylight is subject to a greater degree of risk because it remains at the highest point of the house where it is directly subject to rain or hail. This makes it possible for water collecting around its nooks and crannies, so performing a monthly check on the frames of the skylight to identify potential leaks.

Get a professional to perform an annual inspection

It is always best to contact an industry professional like us at Owen Enterprises to go through the condition of your skylights each year. Prevention is the key to severe damaging for skylights, and a professional will be more than able to identify any potential issues that may put your skylight and safety at risk if left unchecked. Hiring a professional from the consultation to the maintenance stage will ensure that you will get the best out of your energy efficient skylight set-up.


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