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Why You Should Have Sidings For Your Home

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Why You Should Have Sidings For Your Home

Home in winter covered with snow

Homes are more than just having a roof over your head — it is also a place of refuge from the world. Most people would want to make it as comfortable as possible, and at Owen Enterprises, we understand. For instance, during the warm summer months, you would most probably make full use of your air conditioner throughout the house in order to remain cool and comfortable. However, homeowners should take importance to include sidings in their property. It has long been established that siding plays a very important role in any home since it makes sure that all of the harsh elements out there will not cause unwanted damage to your home’s appearance and structural integrity — two points that are strongly related to the value of the property. There are many different kinds of siding to choose from, where among them include the hugely popular vinyl due to its ability to recoup the initial investment plowed in upon resale, metal, wood, and fiber-cement.

Moisture, Rot, and Fire-Resistant

Sidings that are moisture and rot resistant should be one of the main criteria on your shopping list. It keeps unwanted excess moisture out, which would then solve the issue of mold and mildew unless there is a leaking pipe somewhere that has not been fixed. Another aspect of sidings which one should consider before making a purchase would be the fire safety rating. You can never tell when a disaster might strike, and hence siding that is not flammable might prevent a tragedy.

Your Protection Against House Pests

Nobody likes pests to hang around their home, be it woodpeckers, ants, termites, or rodents — so make sure the selected siding will not attract any of the mentioned pests. Pests tend to create holes in the unwanted areas in order to enter and enjoy the warmth of your home, bringing along with it diseases and encouraging moisture to seep in. A siding that does not attract pests due to its toughness should be able to deliver peace of mind, courtesy of its airtight seal.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Sidings will require a higher financial outlay at the beginning, but its returns are well worth the investment. Not only does siding increase the level of energy efficiency in your home by ensuring air on the outside does not come in, and neither does the air within your home go out. It does not matter what the season is — winter or summer, your heating or air conditioning system will be able to work within the confines of a well-insulated home, decreasing the amount of work that the appliances need to go through and directly reducing your electricity bills.

Increase Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home

Most sidings are also virtually maintenance-free, with vinyl siding in particular, requiring nothing more than the occasional cleaning session using nothing but mild soap and some water. Doing so from time to time would keep your home looking fresh and perky at all times.

At Owen Enterprises, we pride ourselves on being one of the best siding contractors in Chicago and its numerous suburbs. Apart from having a wide variety of sidings such as Versetta Stone Stone Siding, CertainTeed Monogram Vinyl Siding, and JamesHardie Fiber-Cement Siding products, we also perform complementary trim. Our experienced staff is always on hand to answer any queries that you have to give your home a new look this year with confidence.


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