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Choosing Roof Shingles

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Choosing Roof Shingles

Money is scarce. That’s why many of us stay in the home longer than we ever thought we would. This just means a home is that much more of a significant expense. One essential factor that determines your home’s market value is your roof. However, your roof requires tender loving care and regular roofing maintenance.


This article will discuss the key factors of shingles to consider for a roofing replacement project and how to pick the best roof shingles.

What Are Key Factors of shingles to Consider for Roofing Replacement?

There are many horror stories found online related to roofing problems. These things can be avoided. Things to consider for roof replacement:

1. Pick the best roof shingles. Choose one that increases the marketability of your home.

– Three-tab (or strip) roofing shingles are still one of the most popular choices. They provide a basic yet clean look to your roof's appearance.

– Laminated or architectural shingles are one of the types you see in a lot of homes nowadays. You can choose from the best rated architectural shingles and premium designs.

RoofingAfter picking the best roof shingles, you have to consider other factors. Things like shingle protection, the ridge cap, and attic ventilation are needed as well.

2. Roof deck protection refers to the plywood underneath the shingle. It helps the roofing materials breath and helps moisture escape to prolong its life. A durable deck protects vulnerable areas like eaves and valleys of the roof.

3. A roof isn’t complete without the ridge cap. Always buy the corresponding ridge cap from the same manufacturer of your roof shingles.

4. Attic ventilation is another critical consideration. What does this have to do with installing a replacement? Attic ventilation impacts longevity. During the summer, the humidity will get trapped in the attic. If your ventilation is poor, it starts to “fry” your shingles while also increasing energy bills.

5. Too much humidity also causes molds and mildew which affect your family’s health. Also during winter, moisture from inside will get trapped in the attic causing problems with the roofing system. The humidity soaks into the insulation and increases your energy bills that way.

All manufacturers designate that there is adequate roofing ventilation. Warranties do not cover poor ventilation. Warranties also don’t cover just the shingles but the entire roofing system as a whole.

6. Make sure the contractor installs a full roofing system. Less trustworthy businesses will sell a service and then try to cut costs everywhere they can.

7. Choose the best warranty.

8. Choose the right roofing contractor. You can do everything else right, but if you use the wrong contractor, then your home is at risk.

Key Factors to Focus on Picking the Best Kind of Shingle:

Roofing materials are made of wood, slate, ceramic and metal. So what are the best roof shingles?


Three key factors of shingles to focus on:

1. The architectural style of your home. Asphalt shingles have a variety of colors, design, and style to match a broad spectrum of personal taste. Asphalt mimics the look of wood, slate, and stone at a far lower cost.

2. Pitch or steepness. The perceived thickness will be more visually significant in low pitch homes. For steeper roofs, the cut and design of the shingle contribute more to the aesthetic factor.

3. Color. Match the shingle color with your home’s exterior color palette and your personal style.

Final Words.

A little advance research can make a big difference in how your new roof appears. Look for manufacturers of the best roof shingles and materials. Also, check the track record of your roofing contractor. Don’t be another roofing horror story statistics.


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