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Dress up Your Home with Garden Window Designs!

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Dress up Your Home with Garden Window Designs!

Want to add a beautiful space for plants by putting a garden window in your home?

Give your kitchen a beautiful design with good aesthetic by installing a garden window in your place. Before we can start discussing garden window designs, we need to know what a garden window is.

What Is a Garden Window?

Garden windowThese windows are like a bay window that is three-dimensional and protrudes to the outside. However, they are smaller in size and are usually installed in the kitchen just above the sink.

These windows also make your kitchen look more spacious. The one-inch-thick glass of these windows also provides great insulation which helps you save money on energy.

These windows are usually decorated with herbs or any small garden plants which give your kitchen a fresh, beautiful look full of greenery.

Usually, the plane is about 18 inches, but that depends on the particular garden window designs used.

There are a lot of different designs of these windows to choose from when installing one.

Cost of These Windows

Installing these windows can range between $1000-$4000 depending on the materials, size, and the window design.

To have a great window design, you can put any kind of decoration you want, but usually, many prefer to use plants on these. If you, too, like to decorate your window with plants, here are some of the many plants that are great to use:

Plants to Put on Garden Window

1. Herbs and Spices

Why not use freshly picked herbs and spices in your kitchen itself? Since these windows are usually located in the kitchen, it is ideal to put your herb plants here. Grow your rosemary, mint, oregano, basil, chives, and other popular herbs. The choice is unlimited. Just choose whichever herbs and spices you want, and grow them on your windowsill. Then when you go to cook, just pick some spices from your inside garden. By using these plants, you will have both ornamental and edible garden window designs.

Windows2. Fragrant Plants

Give your house a naturally fragrant scent with mint or peppermint. These plants provide you with a natural calming smell that adds aroma to your entire house. Give your house a “homey” factor with these natural scents.

3. Sun-loving Plants

Most of these windows are directly exposed to sunlight, so plants which are more likely to grow in shady areas are unlikely to survive. Sun-loving plants such as succulents can give a perfect aesthetic to your new window without so much maintenance. Some other sun-loving plants that you can add are aloe vera and Red-edged Dracaena.

4. Vegetables

Create a mini vegetable garden on your window sill. Beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers are some of the vegetables that you can grow inside. Wait until they're fully bloomed, harvest them, and then cook freshly picked vegetables right from your window.


There are a lot of window designs that you can do. Even lamps, jars, and flower vases make a great window design. Also, if you don’t want to see the same plants all the time, you can use seasonal plants. It’s all up to you. There is an unlimited option for your new garden window design.

For more information about garden windows or to have one professionally installed in your home, get in touch with the Naperville window contractors at Owen Enterprises today.


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