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Energy Efficient Windows

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Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are an important part of our homes. Not only do they allow sunlight to come in, lighting up the entire room, but they also provide warmth. The best windows enable us to open them up wide and allot better ventilation by allowing fresh air into your home. The current trend that homeowners are talking about is energy efficient windows.

Even though they are wonderful to have and absolutely necessary, they can negatively affect how energy efficient your home is.


Save Money with New Window Installation

Most older windows are only single pane. Nowadays, almost all windows that are installed are double-pane. What many people may not realize is that being made from double-pane glass means these are actually windows considered energy efficient.

When two panes are used for one window, they are separated by some air, creating a pocket. This pocket is insulating and helps ensure the proper transfer of heat. Meaning, in the summer the heat stays outside, and in the winter the heat stays inside.

When you upgrade your windows, you are not only raising the value of your home. Energy efficiency also means you are saving yourself money. By installing energy efficient windows in your home, you could save yourself anywhere from $20-$500 a year. That is a huge saving!

When you are first looking into installing windows for maximum energy efficiency, the initial cost can seem somewhat daunting. For a standard size double-pane window, you could be looking at spending between $450 and $600 per window.

While yes, this initial amount can seem significant, the money that you could save will pay for the windows and install. You will save on your energy bill during every season throughout the year, and they also raise the value of your home.


Energy Efficient Windows Reduce the Cost of Your Bills

These windows will also better protect your home. With having sufficient windows in your house, you will be able to better protect against drafts and leaks. This will help reduce the load that is placed on your HVAC unit as well, saving you money.

Even if you are unable to afford to completely replace your windows with ones that provide energy efficiency, you can make improvements to your existing windows. You can add storm windows to help reduce the leakage of air. Caulking around your windows and implementing the use of weatherstripping is another great idea to reduce leaks and subsequently the costs of your monthly bills.

You can also use window coverings, like curtains and blinds, can help keep the warm air inside your home during the winter months. They also come in handy in the summertime by keeping the heat from the outside, outside, and the cold air from your air conditioner inside your home. Using plastic coverings on your windows in the winter will also help with your heating bill.

Final Words

Regardless of which way you decide you want to go with things, know that having new energy efficient windows in your home can save you a ton of money. They raise the value of your home, and they also help with your energy bills. There are many options available to you when you’re making your decision on which way to go when you’re choosing your energy efficient windows.

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