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Should You Get Insulated Vinyl Sidings For Your Home?

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Should You Get Insulated Vinyl Sidings For Your Home?

A man’s home is his castle – and hence, it is no surprise that you would want nothing but the very best for your abode. However, the best material to embrace your house might also be financially out of reach. This is one of the main reasons why many homeowners decide to side their houses using exterior vinyl siding compared to the other available options. The big question then arises: is insulated vinyl siding worth the price? You would be surprised to know that insulated vinyl siding happens to be a product that is worth every penny, not to mention doing its part in helping you save on heating costs during the winter, and cooling costs when the searing summer heat strikes. Let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of insulated vinyl sidings.



Better resale value

As a general rule of thumb, insulated vinyl sidings will result in an increase in your home’s resale value. After all, not only do they deliver superior weather performance as well as deliver improved sound control properties as opposed to traditional siding, they are also easy to maintain and sport different colors and finishes to pick from, making it easy to mix and match with the overall home design.

Long-term savings

You would be able to save a whole lot more in the long run as well after installing insulated vinyl sidings for your home. After all, the lack of seams would ensure a straighter and cleaner exterior, all the while lowering the number of wall irregularities. Better energy efficiency, especially during the cold, winter months as well as the scorching summer sun, will also put a smile on your face as you save more on your energy bills by using less heating and air conditioning during the corresponding seasons.

Improved durability and aesthetics

With the right kind of insulated vinyl siding that is properly installed by a professional siding contractor, the overall aesthetics of your home speaks volumes. Not only that, such insulated vinyl sidings remain stubborn against the weather, scoffing at high temperatures, extreme seasonal weather changes and strong winds alike.


Expensive initial outlay

There is a price to pay for everything, and siding contractors will tell you that insulated vinyl siding’s main disadvantage would be having a higher initial installation cost. We are looking at an average of 50 percent more for siding as well as 20 percent more for trim compared to your regular, vinyl siding. Since regular sidings are cheaper and have a larger market, this also means a far wider array of styles and colors to choose from, unlike insulated vinyl sidings. Apart from that, insulated vinyl siding is not airtight which will result in air movement that might be irritating to a┬áhome's occupants over time.

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