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The 7 Best House Windows Types for New Home Windows

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The 7 Best House Windows Types for New Home Windows

Are you thinking about having new home windows installed soon? Before you choose any old vinyl replacement windows, you need to see all the house windows types that are currently available. Surprisingly, most homeowners think that there are just two or three different types of house windows to choose from. They couldn’t be more wrong.


What Are the Different Types of Windows You Can Get?

Most homes use the standard two styles of double hung or single hung windows. Since these are the two most common window types, let’s discuss them first. Single hung windows are basically a window that opens on one end. They have a quaint and simple look and function simply as well.

Double hung windows are pretty self-explanatory. They open from both ends, the top and the bottom. These vinyl replacement windows are so common because they tend to be a little cheaper and provide a simple look. That is why they are the most widely used new home windows.

What Are Some Other House Windows Types and Styles?

WindowsDepending on the style of home you own, an awning window is great for something a little different. This window opens by swinging outward from the top of the window towards the exterior of your home. They are great new home windows for antique homes and most commonly found in bathrooms.

Another perfect option for new home windows is a casement window. They are attached to the window frame from the side, outward swing and typically are energy efficient. This makes them one of the greatest styles for any home.

Simplistic Types of Vinyl Replacement Windows

A horizontal sliding window is actually very popular in modern-made homes. They are convenient since they easily slide to the side. However, they do pose the issue of providing less airflow than most other house windows types.

Garden and bay windows are one of the most sought-after house windows types. Since they usually come with a seating option for those to sit and peer out into the world, they have a quaint and cozy feeling. Take into account the different angles and styles that you want your new home windows to have. This will essentially decide which type of these two vinyl replacement windows you would prefer for your house.

A skylight window is very popular within modern styles for new home windows. They aren’t as easy to open and close manually. However, they do provide perfect visibility to the stars at night and provide plenty of light during the day.

WindowsOne type of vinyl replacement windows that we don’t recommend are picture windows. Although they are beautiful, they are called picture windows because they are just meant to be looked through.

That means these styles of vinyl windows don’t open to let in air. This might not originally seem like a huge issue. However, during the summer or in areas with a hot climate, these windows become uncomfortable for the rest of your home.


Now that we’ve discussed the 7 types of windows that you should take into account, you are ready to start your home renovation. Make sure to take a look at all the different sizes and shapes these windows come in before making your final decision. Remember to enjoy the new windows in your house!

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