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Why Use Board Batten Siding Installation for Your Home's Exterior?

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Why Use Board Batten Siding Installation for Your Home's Exterior?

board and batten vertical siding

Looking to have the exterior of your home redone? If you have been thinking about a home renovation of this nature, then you need to look into board and batten vertical siding. Board batten siding installation has been making a comeback in the last few years.

What Is Board and Batten Vertical Siding?

Home with board and batten vertical siding

Board and batten vertical siding was extremely popular back in the 1800’s. It was perfect for farm homes and barns since it has the ability to ‘breathe.' With the structure of overlapping battens over boards, there is wiggle room for new structures that need to settle into their foundation. This makes the board batten installation process a little more time-consuming. However, it is better for your home in the long run.

What Should You Use Board and Batten Vinyl Siding?

Board and batten vinyl siding is more commonly used nowadays since vinyl has the ability to handle wear and tear. Since wood board batten vertical siding is prone to termites and weather damage, the vinyl option has become in high demand.

The reason why we are seeing more board batten siding installation now is mostly attributed to the increased popularity of the antique and vintage look. People want to have that old homey cottage feel that you can only get from board and batten vinyl siding.

Can You Paint Board Batten Siding?

With board and batten vertical siding, you can easily change the paint color anytime you want. Make sure that you use painting professionals if you want the job done right. However, if you have experience in painting (especially board batten vinyl siding or wood material) then feel free to handle the job yourself. However, when you start the project you should make sure that you paint with the grain and not against it.

What type of board batten installation should you get? There are varying styles of board and batten vinyl siding that you can choose from. Mostly these are different sizes of the boards and of the battens. Using the varying sizes gives you the widest range of styles and looks that you can find. No other siding materials can give you the diversity and creative range that board and batten vertical siding can give you.

Why Is Your Board Batten Siding Installation Contractor Important?

That is another reason why this type of siding material is becoming so popular once more. Individuals want to have more creative freedom in how their home looks and feels. Since this kind of siding is hand installed onto your home, there is definitely room for error. Making sure that you use the best contractors for board batten siding installation will increase your chances of having the job done right. The last thing you want is crooked siding that is an eyesore to your neighborhood.

Wrap up of What We’ve Talked About

To summarize what we’ve discussed, board and batten vertical siding has been dramatically increasing in popularity since the market drop at the end of the 19th century. This type of siding provides a lovely antique cottage home feel and is extremely diverse. Just make sure that you have professionals install it so you end up with the perfect looking home!

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