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Wooden Casement Windows for Your Home

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Wooden Casement Windows for Your Home

Surely, there are a lot of types of windows to choose from. So why choose wooden casement windows for your home?


What Is a Wooden Casement Window?

These particular kind are a window with at least one casement or frame with a glass pane. It is opened and closed by swinging from one side while the other side is hinged, just like a door.


What Casement Windows Are Made Of

The traditional models are wooden casement windows. As time passed and technology evolved, however, different materials were developed to create these windows. Most casement windows nowadays, aside from the wooden types, are made of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl.

Window Types

These types aren’t only limited to one design structure. There are many designs to choose from, and the basic ones are known as single frame, double frame or French, and push-out windows.

Single Frame Casement Window

The single frame is the most basic and the standard type of these windows. As the name says, it consists of only a single frame with glass panels enclosed by it. In a typical single frame style, the glass frames are usually separated by a cross-sectional pattern of the same material it is made from.

WindowsDouble Casement or French Window

The double or French window is a design with two panels, each hinged vertically on opposite ends. Each window pane is opened and closed at the center where the handles and lock of the two panes meet. It is more complex than the single type design, and, given the same materials, more expensive.

Push-out casement windows

This is a window design with no crank mechanism. Instead, a sash lock is released by pushing it outwards, and the window then opens. The push-out door design can come in a single or double window type.

More complex designs also include flat tops, colonial grills, and prairie grills.

These windows have proven their use and beautiful aesthetic for years now. Aside from that, there are a lot more reasons to choose these types of windows.

Here Are Some of the Advantages of Casement Windows:

1. Many Options to Choose From

These have a variety of combinations when it comes to designs and materials that you can choose from. You may want to have a double frame push-out wooden design window, or a standard single frame steel window. The combination of materials and design is up to your preference.

2. Efficient

WindowsThese windows are second only to being energy-efficient next to fixed-pane windows. They have an airtight seal which prevents hot air from entering the house, and water leakage during heavy rain.

3. Easy Operation

Casement windows are easily opened and don’t need any additional functions to close and lock them.

4. Good Ventilation

These windows can be opened all out wide allowing proper ventilation, and when natural light is needed in your interior, it can pass through more easily.


These windows come with simple to complex designs. Its classic design, easy function, proper ventilation make the casement windows one of the most favored among others. Give your home a good aesthetic and functional windows with wooden casement windows.

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