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The Owen Enterprises Inc. Solution to Storm Damage

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The Owen Enterprises Inc. Solution to Storm Damage

Mother Nature can be a vicious and relentless force against your roof, sending storms that can pelt your home with hail, heavy rains, and high winds. Each of these weather patterns can truly test the quality of your home’s primary line of protection, including potentially causing damage that can jeopardize it. If your home has suffered damage in a storm, getting it fixed can sometimes be a huge headache, particularly if you’re trying to deal with an insurance company.

However, you don’t have to go through this process without an ally on your side. At Owen Enterprises Inc., we’re familiar with just how frustrating it can be to get the runaround from your insurance company while your roof sits in shambles and in desperate need of repairs before any form of severe weather returns. As such, we make it a point to work closely with our insurance customers and help them get the repairs they need quickly.

Here are a few ways we offer an ideal solution to claims of storm damage.

Prompt Service

When you call us in need of major roof repairs or a roof replacement after a major storm, Owen Enterprises Inc. does everything in our power to get to you as soon as possible. We know how important it is to make sure your roof is fixed by the time the next poor weather comes around, and that’s why we make sure to schedule your service and get to you as soon as possible. In some instances, we’re even able to start repairing or rebuilding your roof the very next business day!

Working with Insurance Companies

As an insurance customer, you have the right to choose a roofing contractor to conduct your repairs or replacement, so long as that contractor is willing to accept payment from your insurance company. At Owen Enterprises Inc., we’re willing to work with any insurance company. No matter who your home is covered by, we accept those claims so you can get the repairs you need and have them paid for by the insurance that you so diligently pay into each month.

Using a Public Adjustor

When your home sustains serious damage, an insurance company will often send their own adjustor out to your home to inspect your roof and determine how much they think your repairs will cost. It’s important to remember that these adjustors work for your insurance company, and their job is to reduce claims to as small a financial burden on the company as possible, often at the expense of their policy holders. Owen Enterprises, Inc. employs a public insurance adjustor who can give you a more realistic estimate as to how much your roof repairs will cost. This not only holds your insurance company accountable for the policies they write, but ensures you receive the full amount for the claim you submit. Having an adjustor who is on your side throughout the process can be an invaluable resource, and we always work with one whenever we handle a project through an insurance claim.

Don’t Deal With the Hassle

An insurance claim can give you all sorts of anxiety and headaches, particularly if you have to chase down your insurance company for information or updates on your claim. However, when you work with Owen Enterprises Inc., we take care of that hassle for you. We have the experience of working with insurance companies, and we know how to handle even difficult claims quickly and painlessly.

If your home has suffered serious damage during a storm and you need help dealing with a homeowner’s insurance claim, contact Owen Enterprises, Inc. today at (630) 280-3660!

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