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Versetta Stone Siding in Naperville

Panelized Stone Siding from Our Professionals

Our company at Owen Enterprises Inc. is a certified Versetta Stone Siding installer. Versetta Stone products were designed out of Vallejo, California by two brothers Floyd and Garrett Brown. These two men found an important need to produce a product that could replicate natural stone and use it for the building. It was of utmost importance to produce importance that the materials be exact replicas and be able to adhere to almost every wall structure. The materials were about a quarter of the weight of the stones so this made using them and transporting more efficient.

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Versetta Stone® Warranty

The Versetta Stone siding comes with a 50-year warranty that is limited and can be transferred to another homeowner one time. Not only that, but it is also made with a minimum or 50% recycled materials and it is validated but the UL Environment. There are many different advantages of using this for your siding products.

There is absolutely no need to:

  • Coat
  • Paint
  • Seal

Why Choose Owen Enterprises Inc. as Your Versetta Stone® Contractor

Owen Enterprises Inc. has been installing Versetta Stone for over 20 years and is one of the leading contractors in Illinois, with many awards and certifications to prove it. Our experienced siding technicians are committed to only providing the best service. We serve the entire Chicago Land and Naperville suburbs. We offer a fair price and promise to treat every siding job with integrity!

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